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Physical brainstorm - an activity

Purpose. Out of the activity participants may gain new ideas, may become more physically confident with one another, communication skills and, of course, a really good laugh!

Procedure. Put on some funky music and sit in a circle on chairs.

A bit like "Simon Says", the group takes it in turns to dance to the music without letting go of the chair. As someone creates a move every one has to copy until the whole group gets it right. The only rules are, no repeating someone else’s idea and a part of your body must touch the chair at all times.

born and bred homeIf you end this activity too early, every one does the obvious actions and no one takes risks. If you keep going long enough the moves get more and more ridiculous every one has a good laugh and new ideas.

Materials needed:

A group of people who are brave enough to try it

a large enough space to move in

confidence (or at least a sense of humour!)

music, the louder the better(I find that if you use a piece of music the group are familiar with they are more confident to move)


 Variations. As a warm up, The rules could be varied to a round of only moving your feet, then your knees, then your hips etc until you have worker the whole body.

Instead of touching the chair at all times why not use a wall or a part of someone else’s body, dancing cheek to cheek perhaps?

Comments for facilitators. This activity is one that I use with a group that know each other fairly well and want to make up new ways of moving for dance workshops. I also use it as a warm up exercise before beginning a dance workshop, as it can be a real giggle and also stretches all the muscles, joints etc.

Be confident, you don’t have to be John Travolta to do this, because its incredibly hard to look cool when you have to dance with a chair attached to your body. Remember this is just about moving your body, not the royal ballet auditions!

If you stick to the rules the group will develop a sense of competition between them selves and will naturally get wilder in their actions trying to out do one another.

Encourage the group to laugh.

Everyone in the room must take part or else this fails. Who wants to be looked at whilst being daft, where, if your all being daft, then who cares.

Contributing agency/originator: The Empathy Peer Education Team, Avon Youth Association. © 1999